360 Back & Spine Center Answers FAQ on Neck Pain

360 Back & Spine Center Answers FAQ on Neck Pain
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Neck pain is a common problem and can result from a variety of causes. Pain is generally accompanied by stiffness and poor range of motion that has a negative impact on the ability to work, to enjoy recreational activities and even to socialize. At 360 Back & Spine Center, we specialize in disorders of the upper and lower spine and can provide the right solution to your neck discomfort, which may include neck fusion in Dallas, TX.

What Are the Symptoms of Neck Problems?

Individuals with neck problems may experience discomfort in the center of the back of the neck or on either side of the neck. There may be stiffness and an inability to turn the neck completely to look over the shoulder. Muscles may feel tight, or the discomfort may extend into the shoulder. You may notice a grinding or clicking sound when turning the head. You may experience muscle spasms when trying to turn your head. Some people experience numbness or tingling from the neck down the arm. Severe neck problems can cause dizziness or even blackouts.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Neck Pain?

The most common cause of neck discomfort is when the head is jolted forward and backward during an auto accident impact. This condition is called whiplash, and it can result in ongoing pain, immobility, headaches and mood problems. Neck injuries can also occur during athletic events, when the athlete’s body experiences a hard impact. Osteoarthritis can also affect the neck, when normal wear-and-tear causes dysfunction in the neck joint. Damage to the structures of the neck can also occur from holding the head in the same position for long periods of time, such as when working on the computer or peering at a cellphone screen.

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What Is Neck Fusion?

Cervical spinal fusion, or neck fusion, is done to stabilize the neck when fractures of the vertebrae of the upper spine occur, when vertebrae are misaligned and when other problems of the cervical vertebrae of the upper spine are involved. The procedure joins specific bones of the upper spine by using bone grafts or metal to stabilize the vertebrae. Physical therapy is generally recommended after surgery to ensure full range of motion in the neck. Although the surgery involved fusing bones together, it does not impair mobility of the neck in most patients.

Contact 360 Back & Spine Center For Neck Fusion in Dallas, TX

Dr. Melanie Kinchen and the trained staff of 360 Back & Spine Center are committed to providing superior care for their patients in Grapevine, TX, Dallas and surrounding areas. We are experienced at treating a variety of spinal conditions and provide a number of treatment options to suit our patients’ needs. Contact 360 Back & Spine Center today at 682-808-4392 for an appointment to discuss how neck fusion can eliminate your neck pain.

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