7 Major Benefits of cloud Telephony for Businesses

7 Major Benefits of cloud Telephony for Businesses
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In this digital era, businesses of all sizes across the globe are switching to cloud telephony to enhance their solutions and keep up with the customer demands. Cloud telephony offers a range of benefits that could meet the growing needs of businesses.

It is safe to say that cloud telephony is quickly gaining momentum and taking the market by storm. Through this article, we’ll highlight seven major aspects that make cloud telephony beneficial and trendy for modern-day businesses.

Improved access, control, and efficiency

Cloud telephony allows business to have more access and control to valuable data and connected devices. Once the company’s phone numbers are hosted virtually, one can access them from any part of the globe since the information goes with them wherever they go. Besides, quality hosting solutions from companies like cloudcall.mxguarantee a user-friendly interface with a consistent feel and look across different platforms. And the best part is that users have complete control over extension level call forwarding and admins can change certain features like ring groups and auto attendant.

Fully integrated communication systems

Combining a company’s communication with its day-to-day applications for workflows and business process helps boost efficiency; this is according to a report from Gartner. Business tools that run virtually are easy to deploy, allowing employees to keep in touch whether they are in the office or the field. Cloud offers a steady business presence as well as assists to boost productivity with flawless access to email, CRM tools, instant messaging, email and video, and voice conferencing.

Cost cutting

Virtual phone solution is devoid of any costly set-up and maintenance work, and most service companies provide free call service between sites and offices. This is an excellent way for businesses to cut down on costs.

Top line business features

Cloud telephony gives small and medium-sized businesses access to the kinds of network applications that would otherwise only be available for larger companies. These include features like auto attendant,  commutador virtual assistant, call center solutions and never miss a call. Other features available include advanced email, voicemail options, and traffic shaping.

Easy to scale

All businesses aim to scale, and when they do, all their systems, including phone systems, need to scale. Any business owner who has had to move or expand an on-premise phone system will know just how difficult it can get – lots of careful moving of large systems, lots of workforce and lots of equipment. A virtual phone system is easy and quick to organize. The only shifting that needs to be done is of cables or handsets, with no extra burden.

Mobility apps and remote work

In this day and age, continuous communication is paramount for all business. Cloud telephony benefits and empowers companies with remote workers and off-site workforces as it offers the ability to communicate with all co-workers and clients, irrespective of the location.

Disaster recovery

A single downtime can cost a business thousands of dollars, that’s why it should be avoided at all costs. Cloud-based services are reliable and resilient but also protect enterprises against voice loss in case of a disaster.

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