Building Different Muscles Groups with an Exercise Bike

Building Different Muscles Groups with an Exercise Bike
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The popularity of working cycling into a work-out routine has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years, especially among women. Numbers like fifteen calories burnt per minute while cycling has even led to the opening of group cycling gyms. Some of the advantages of choosing a stationary bike work out as described by many gyms as well as fitness trainers include the ability to shed excess pounds while reshaping the legs and butt muscles as well as building a good cardiovascular endurance. It is also easy to set up an exercise bike, and it does not take up too much space.

Subsequently, companies manufacturing stationary work out bicycles have come up with numerous variations to the bike to accomodate different work out plans as well as bikes to suit a required outcomes. The three changes, i.e., the classic upright, the reclined, and the indoor bikes have are all designed to offer mechanical resistance through the use of a fly wheel that controls the peddling speed.

Cost is one of the things that puts off customers while choosing to start a workout plan that involves a stationary exercise bike. To that effect, manufacturing companies build these bikes differently to suit the financial capabilities of the buyer without watering down the effectiveness of the equipment. Moreover, there is also the option of buying a used exercise bike online on websites such as eBay and Amazon. Some of these used exercise bikes are certified refurbished which means that the manufacturer replaced the worn out parts themselves and as such, the customer can expect a bike that is in good working order and that will last for a relatively long period.

The report by the American College of sports medicine that incorporating a stationary bike into a workout has the same effect concerning increasing leg size further solidifies work out routines based around a stationary bike. Some of the things to consider when choosing to build leg size using an exercise bike include:

  1. Resistance level

It is advisable to set the bike to a high resistance setting. The American Council on Exercise recommends fixing the bike to a setting that limits the user from reaching speeds faster than sixty revolutions per minute. The relationship between the growth of the quadriceps as well as the hamstring muscles is directly proportional to the resistance level. The psychological growth is thus the same as lifting weights.

  1. Incorporating sprint intervals while training

A significant amount of power is put out by the muscles in the feet to keep up with the speed of the revolving fly wheel. This burst of power leads to the overall development of muscle fibers over muscle mass. Alternating between a thirty second and the sixty-second sprint with a recovery period in between is however advised to minimise the risk of injury.

  1. Preforming hovers.

Cycling while lifting yourself a couple of inches above the seat puts a lot of strain on the quadriceps because these muscle groups take the full weight of the body while working on the resistance provided by the fly wheel. This type of work out also increases the endurance capabilities of the core muscles.

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