Choose Elite Investigations For All Your Las Vegas Investigative Needs

Choose Elite Investigations For All Your Las Vegas Investigative Needs
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If you are in need of a private investigator in the Las Vegas area, Elite Investigations has been in the investigations business for years. They have experienced staff with at least 5 years of surveillance experience, and they have all of the resources to solve your issue. Whether your issue is finding a missing person, corporate investigations or domestic investigations – don’t handle it by yourself. With a trained private investigator, you can potentially find more information and find it much quicker!

How to Properly Conduct a Missing Person’s Search

Investigating a missing person’s case takes time and precaution before even beginning to conduct a search. It may not even be necessary to conduct a search if you look through databases. At Elite Investigations, we have access to 1000’s of databases that can give you more answers than if you conducted a search yourself. When time is of the essence, it is important to gain access to all of the records and background checks that you need from our Las Vegas detective agency.

Corporate Investigations


For investigating a business, it may require a higher level of expertise. From surveillance and background checks to bug sweeping, we will surveill the person’s work activities until we find an answer. Whether you are investigating a disability claim, corporate theft, insurance fraud or any other activity that seems fraudulent, Elite Investigations can help .

Domestic Investigations


Elite Investigations also specializes in domestic investigations. When something seems off with people you are close to, your intuition is often correct. If you need spousal surveillance, we conduct background checks, assets research, criminal records, surveillance methods and more.  Don’t turn a blind eye if you believe your spouse or someone close to you is acting secretively. Find out answers with Elite Investigations.

So contact Elite Investigations today to find out the truth with the people closest to you. It is important to take notice of new people that enter into your life, as they may be keeping something from you. Finding out the truth – whether they are innocent or guilty of hiding something – will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Avoid suffering to you and your loved ones and act now!

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