Different types of ID card holders

Different types of ID card holders
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Use of id cards have become an integral part of any organization, office, universities, and schools and rightly so. It becomes convenient to have all the information about the person associated with any of these organizations for easy identification and segregation. Even mega events, which have a lot of volunteers and workers working for them, can be identified based on the ID card that they are wearing. Browsing through shops become easier when you can easily identify the person responsible for a particular section based on their ID card. Just as the use of these cards are plenty, what is also of utmost importance is their strategic positioning for maximum visibility and accessibility. Therefore, an ID card is incomplete without its supporting accessories.

ID Card Holders

One of the most important accessories is the ID card holder. Since the card generally contains details of a person in the form of texts and photographs, the visibility of the card is mandatory. This visibility depends on the cardholder. The size of the cardholder, the material it is made of, the transparency, the color, everything can be specified and customized to get the best card holder for your requirements. Thus, the correct ID card holder is essential for not presenting the card but also as a means of protection from scratches or other kinds of damages. Having the appropriate ID card holder is a basic necessity for the ID card to fulfill all it aims to do.

What are the different types of ID card holders available?

The type of ID card holder will be determined by the shape and size of the card which you will put inside. The material of choice is mostly a hard plastic though sometimes vinyl is used. It is generally clear for visibility, but it can be color coded if you want to segregate according to the departments of work or you want to break the monotony. A perfect ID card holder will be the one which is properly customized either by you or a designer. There are many online portals which let you customize your own id card, id card holder UK being one of the frontrunners in the business. In case you had to categorize ID card holders on a very broad angle, it would be:

ID card holders with pins

Though this style is the least commonly used, it finds utility in huge trade markets and events with a large number of employees. The pins can be used for direct pinning onto a piece of clothing which can be a shirt, a suit, a blouse etcetera.

ID card holders with Slots

This is probably the one that is most commonly used as it can be used with a lanyard which can be wound around your neck easily. Most of the business organization and offices and schools have these type of cardholders, and the id card hangs around the neck at a convenient height for easy visibility, and it is hassle-free for the wearer as well.

ID card holders with Clips

The one that can be customized the most and though it is not as popular as the one with the slot, it is also quite commonly used. One advantage it has over pins is that it doesn’t make any hole in the clothing and can be used on any type of garment easily.

Holders with Clips

There are different types of holders with clips like-

Strap clips- goes through the slot on your holder and the clip snaps onto clothing.

Adhesive back slips- these clips have an adhesive on its back which adheres to your clothes.

Plastic clips- where being metal-free is of utmost importance like airports.

Magnetic attachment clips- no slots or punch holes required and the id card holder remains more secure with this. The id cards are secured directly on to the pockets of the shirts or suits, and the presence of small magnets holds it in place.

Earth-friendly clips- if you want something with plastic clips, you can go for phthalates and PVC free clips which are biodegradable instead of the harmful plastic ones.

All said and done, your ID card is as good as the ID card holder that you use because of its role in proper visibility and also efficient use. Therefore, dedicate as much time to customizing or finding an appropriate ID card holder as you would do for your ID card itself.


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