Family lawyers for a de facto relationship

   Family lawyers for a de facto relationship
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What does a de facto relationship means?

De facto relationships are termed for two individuals who are living together in the same roof as domestic couple. Both individuals are not married to each other are both legally singles. If one or both partner is married to another human being, then the relationship is not a de facto marriage, nor is it if individuals are relatives.

When a de facto marriage fail and the partners would need to separate, family lawyers in Sydney can definitely assist in the process. Though the partners are not legally married, they were in a mutual genuine domestic relationship and they had built a life together, bought properties and properties together.

De facto marriage separation is handled by family lawyers to divide the property and assets, and handles the issue of child custody if there are kids involve.

The children in a de facto marriage are dealt in the same way as the children from legal marriages. The children’s rights will always be the first priority of the family lawyers in Sydney and the family law will make sure that the kids will be well compensated during and after the separation.

Facts about de facto marriage in the family law

Starting on March 1, 2009, couples from a de facto marriage can start seeking assistance from the Family Court or the Federal Circuit Court concerning the financial matters of the relationship through family lawyers in Sydney. Their case will be heard and processed the same as legal marriages. But there is a time limit of within two years for the filing for property and financial settlement.

There documents needed by the court in consideration of the de facto relationship dispute. There needs to be proof that you are in fact in a de facto relationship with your previous partner. It is required that you were engage in a de facto marriage for at least two years to qualify, that there is a child born out of that domestic partnership, and it is important that the de facto marriage was registered as prescribed in the law of a State or Territory.

It is also imperative that when the properties or custody claim is assessed, one of the partners sees the significance of the property settlement.

For the Family court to consider the dispute, there needs to be a geographical connection between you and the court.

De facto relationship separation will only be considered in the family court if the relationship ended after March 1, 2009.

Family lawyers for guidance

The family solicitor like O’Sullivan Legal in Sydney is highly capable of making sure that their clients get the best possible resolution of their dispute.

Individuals from a de facto marriage will need to first seek the guidance and legal advice of a family lawyer to check if all the requirements are met before filing a case in the family law.

De facto marriage separation is handled the same way as legal marriages are.

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