GPS Does the Heavy Lifting for Heavy Equipment Monitoring

GPS Does the Heavy Lifting for Heavy Equipment Monitoring
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A tightly run worksite, whether we are talking about a shipping facility, construction site, or a fleet holding yard, demands a level of security and accountability to operate efficiently and profitably.  Obviously, if you are not sure where your bulldozer is located, there is a solid chance that you probably do not have a firm grasp on where the remainder of your equipment on that inventory list might be stashed.  Installing GPS for heavy equipment, along with GPS trackers for all of your major equipment and assets, is the first step in a comprehensive security and management approach.

The Importance of GPS for Heavy Equipment Monitoring

A significant portion of any construction company, courier service, or shipping firm’s asset balance sheet consists of heavy machinery and equipment.  That is because heavy equipment represents a significant investment of any company, and monitoring their condition and location regardless of where on the planet it might be located is critical to a successful business operation.

Heavy equipment that is not maintained properly risks transforming millions of dollars in equipment into millions of pounds of rusted and worthless equipment.  For those in the trenches when it comes to maintaining heavy equipment, they might feel as if their trench is being overwhelmed with a torrent of regulatory and maintenance paperwork.  Installing GPS for heavy equipment promises to relief your embattled maintenance troops from that paperwork flow.

That is because modern GPS equipment allows facility operators to set alerts for maintenance schedules, so no piece of equipment will lose their place in the maintenance rotation.  In fact, maintenance managers simply need to set an alert that will signal when a particular piece of equipment is in need of maintenance efforts.

Based on hours in use and mileage covered, it has never been easier to know when it is time to insert a piece of heavy equipment into the maintenance rotation schedule.  After all, you are in the business of delivering goods and services to your customers, and machinery lying idle owing to poor maintenance does nothing to complete that primary mission. 

Tough Equipment and Heightened Security

Heavy equipment does not operate in a sterile environment, so buying a rugged GPS tracking system is the key to making sure that you continue to receive a steady stream of data that outlines the condition of your equipment.  Additionally, you are not going to return that heavy piece of equipment back to your yard every night after the work ends, so GPS for heavy equipment provides a level of security that ensures that piece of equipment will be suiting and waiting for your use once the next workday begins on the site.    


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