How music lessons can keep up with the time

How music lessons can keep up with the time
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Almost everyone has envisioned himself or herself as a rockstar, singer, or musician at one point or another; so, why are music lessons becoming a thing of the past? There are plenty of adults who took lessons in their youth, only to find that their pricey musical knowledge has proven to be essentially useless to them throughout adulthood.

Getting your child to practice their instrument is often like pulling teeth. If they love listening to music on the radio every day, then why do they detest having to actually learn the theory behind it? How can we change the way that people study music?

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  1. Learn the music you love

Just like the world around us, music is always evolving; therefore, the way we teach and learn music should follow suit. Not only does the evolution of music directly correlate with what’s trending in pop culture, but advancements in technology as well. The way we create, listen to, and experience this art form has changed significantly since the 20th Century eras of Romantic and Classical music; so why does it feel like your piano instructor is still stuck in the previous century?

Music lessons no longer have to be sitting down next to the “old lady with a ruler” while she makes you play Twinkle-Twinkle on the piano over and over again. Instead of using the staple Ode to Joy or Fur Elise to practice your two-handed piano technique, why not try Hello by Adele or Clocks by Coldplay?

Through websites like Taylor Robinson Music, you can browse through profiles of professional musicians (of all different ages and backgrounds) and find the best instructor to fit your style. Since all of the teachers on Taylor Robinson Music specialize in different instruments and genres of music, it makes it easy to find the best match for you, especially if you’re looking to learn a more modern style of play. While there are plenty of instructors on the site who still offer classical training in things like vocal technique, piano, and violin, most of them are local, performing artists in the area who do styles like rock, R&B, or Pop. Now you can make the music that you actually want to listen to!

  1. Take advantage of technological advancements

Nowadays, there are a ton of online resources that are quite simple (and most importantly, cheap) for learning and practicing music on your own. For example, if you want sheet music for a certain song you’re dying to play, there is a slew of online websites that can help:,, and, to name a few. If you want to practice in-between your normal instruction, you can always check out YouTube as well for some awesome tutorials and pre-recorded lessons.

People have been doing the same thing over and over again for years: going to the local music store and paying an arm and a leg for beginner-level instrument lessons, only to find that they’re exclusively being taught the classics, and not the type of music that they actually enjoy. Of course kids are getting bored. Try to take your music lessons to the next level by taking advantage of advancements in education technology. There are sites like Taylor Robinson Music, that exclusively offers their students access to their one-click Webcam Classroom. With access to certified musicians from all over the country, students are not limited to only the instructors in their area. If you’re traveling the globe, you can take your music lessons with you.

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  1. Change your idea of what an “instrument” really is

With music production software becoming cheaper, more compact, and more accessible to the general public, instruments themselves are no longer what they used to be. Digital Audio Workspaces (DAWs), such as Pro Tools, Garage Band, and LogicX are an alternative way of creating your own music. No longer are people restricted solely to classical instruments such as the piano, guitar, or violin. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few decades, and through downloadable music production software, you can make your own innovative creations. There are instructors on Taylor Robinson Music that offer lessons in recording arts and music production.

The evolution of music and technology has made music education more accessible and applicable in the modern age, making it so that you can truly learn whatever instrument or genre you want! Music has always been a great way to exercise the brain, but that doesn’t mean lessons have to feel like math class. With the right instructor and materials, music lessons can now be innovative, fun, and modern, keeping you (or your child) engaged. Instead of your kids looking back at their music education as nothing but a phase of their childhood, choose to let them play from the heart. This will not only make learning more fun, but it will instill a lifelong  passion for music and a continuation of their craft well into adulthood.

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