How to Enhance Email Communication Visually

How to Enhance Email Communication Visually
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Having an email account has become a basic requirement for almost every business today, especially those dependent on online marketing. Although many believe that email marketing perished away a few years back with the rise of new online marketing channels such as social media networks, email still is one of the most effective methods of direct marketing.

In fact according to a research done by Radicati group, the total number of worldwide email accounts was expected to increase over 4.3 billion by the end of 2016. This only proves that email is definitely not dead, or dying anytime soon!

2 Types of Marketing Email Out There

If we take a closer look at the types of communication that business emails consist of, you may find the following 2 categories;

  1. Business reaching out to another business
  2. Business reaching out to a customer

Email communication in business matters a lot. In fact, stats show that the return on investment from Email marketing for business is 3800%.  

When a business reaches out to another business, there is always an underlying common interest in making a profit.  For an example, if a company produces furniture, their potential reach out targets would be retailers. Retail shops would buy furniture from the producers and sell them to customers. An email thread between these two parties would mainly focus on understanding the unique needs of each of them.

But an email thread between a business and a customer is quite different. The interest of making a profit is already there, but it is more customer-centric, since this type of email focuses on bringing value to the customer.  

We ourselves receive about dozens of emails about products and services.

But How Many Emails Do You Actually Read? And Why?

As mentioned earlier, customers go through 100s of emails per day.  If they see the same boring template or typical content in them when they open the emails, they are most likely to delete them without a second thought.  

From the subject line to every call-to-action you include in your email play a crucial role in increasing your email click through rate.

If you want your customer to take another look at your email before hitting delete, you need to consider a visual approach. After all, human beings are wired to respond to visuals better than just plain text.

People will not be keen on spending a lot of time on reading your emails when they have thousands of other things to do.   

And human attention span has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds during the last decade. This means grabbing their attention must be done swiftly. To put it in simpler words, you are going to need something flashy, like visuals!

The different types of graphics you use on your newsletter are not what I’m referring to here. That kind of graphics always make your message seem like a random flyer stuck in your mailbox.

But what I’m talking about here is the kind of graphic that would inform and educate your customer while entertaining them at the same time. Something that your reader can digest at a glance will definitely boost your email engagement dramatically.  

As an example, let’s just say your business has launched a new product and you want to let your most loyal customers know about it. And you write the following email to James, one of your loyal customers who has been using the company’s products for 10 years.

Dear James,

I hope you are having a wonderful day and doing many cool projects with the help of our product X.

Thank you for being with us for over 10 years and we hope to give you the best in the years to come.

James, I’m thrilled and excited to let you know that we have launched product Y, which is a great device to store & manage your data securely.

Its specifications are as follow,

1000 Terabytes backup drive

Encrypted File System

Tetra Firewall

Powerful Antivirus (Updated Hourly)

And cloud available so will never lose your data.

Please give us a time to call you back with more information.

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

This is a very good reach out email sent out by the sales team. But you can make this even better by enhancing it visually. The idea is to convey the same message using graphics instead of words. So, let’s break down this message first.

  1. Initiating the conversation by complimenting the customer
  2. Build credibility & faith by thanking the customer for his loyalty
  3. Introducing the new product
  4. Elaborate specification
  5. Call to action

You can visualize every part of the message very clearly. The most important parts from this list are 3, 4 and 5 which you need to prioritize on. Following is a graphic based on the same email, where we used less text and more graphics to describe the product that we’re launching.

A lengthy email can effectively be enhanced through visuals that will not only draw the attention of the reader, but will also entice them to click your CTAs.  

  • Remember to use a color theme that will reinforce your brand identity
  • Whenever you can use icons and symbols to convey information
  • Highlight important details that you want your reader to pay attention to
  • Follow a flow when designing the template, so the message will read more coherently

Visuals make everything more attention grabbing. Switch your everyday text email to something visually appealing like in the example above and see how it will help increase your email conversion rates.

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