How To Increase Your Social Media Traffic & Lead Conversions This Year

How To Increase Your Social Media Traffic & Lead Conversions This Year
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Social media sites are like gold mines which you can use to get millions of unique visitors on your site and prompt them to buy your products. Even after knowing this fact, many brands fail to capitalize on this situation as they have no tool to optimize their social media brand campaigns. In case you also have multiple brand campaigns running at this moment, take necessary actions so that you can get desired results easily. Here is how to go about it-

Start Tracking All Your Conversions

Unless you know which social media platforms are more profitable for your brand and which are not, you cannot make a workable strategy which can bring positive results. So, start tracking all your social media links with the help of a tool that can give you real time data about number of people liked the post, number of people shared it, and number of people clicked on it. Apart from this, you should also be able to see how many out of all people who clicked on your link went on to purchase your product. If your can have all these numbers at your disposal, you can easily take a decision that can increase total conversions over time.

Unfortunately, there are not many tools which can get you all this information on one single dashboard. If you don’t want to waste your time trying different tools, then give a shot to simple link compressor without any second thought.

A good link shortener ensures that you can get all the data required to turn a brand campaign into a successful project. Since the manual work is next to zero, you can invest most of your time in analyzing the data and taking necessary actions accordingly. Apart from this, you can make changes in any link that is shortened with the help of a web address shortener, that too without worrying about broken links. What else do you need to make all your social media campaigns successful?

So, get rid of all your doubts right away and opt for a good URL shortener to increase social media traffic as well as lead conversion rate this year.

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