How to Use Interior Barn Doors In Your Home

How to Use Interior Barn Doors In Your Home
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Interior barn doors are currently a trendy way to update a space. Unlike traditional swinging doors, these doors slide open and shut, making them especially useful in smaller spaces. If you love the look of these doors but are not sure of how you can incorporate them into your home, here are a few ideas of where and how you can use them. 

Close Off Office Space

If you work from home, you may have an office space. When it is quiet in your home or you do not have clients over, you may want to keep the space open. This allows more light in, allows air to flow and allows you to keep an eye on your kids who may be at home with you. However, when you have clients over, your house is loud or you need a quiet and confined space, you may want to close the space off. Interior barn doors can slide from an open position to a closed position quickly and easily, allowing you to have an open or closed space as you wish. 

Use as Bathroom Doors

Another option for sliding barn doors is to use them as bathroom doors. If you have a small bathroom space, a sliding door may help you to utilize more space in the bathroom. Typically, swinging doors are used in bathrooms. The door may swing outward or inward. Regardless, you have to keep space near the door free and clear of debris or the door can’t swing as it should. With a sliding door, the door slides from side to side, meaning you don’t have to worry about freeing up space inside the bathroom for a swinging door. 

Have Trendy Closet Doors

If you love classic or country looks, or want to update your bedroom, barn doors can be used on for your closet doors. Your closet may already utilize sliding doors. Instead of plain and boring doors that add nothing to the space, you can swap out the track system and doors for interior barn style doors, helping to instantly add a unique element to your space. 

Using interior barn doors to provide privacy in an office space, maximize the space in a bathroom or incorporate a trendy or county look in a bedroom is just a few of the ways you can use these types of barn doors. However, these are not the only ways these doors can be used. They can be used many other ways throughout your home. If you are interested in utilizing these doors in your home, contact Space Plus today. We can help you determine if these doors, or others, are right for your home. 


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