KENT Pride Plus: The Best Water Purifier with Next-Gen RO Technology

KENT Pride Plus: The Best Water Purifier with Next-Gen RO Technology
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Nowadays, people seem to take extra care of their health. From healthy snacks to clean homes, they do almost everything to ensure that their family is healthy and happy. People are also taking an initiative to buy the best RO system for home to safeguard their family’s health. If you have also been searching for the best water purifier that meets all your needs, your search stops here! KENT Pride Plus is the best water purifier that can take care of all your needs. If you are wondering what makes this product different from the other water purifiers, then keep reading to know interesting facts about this wonderful purifier.

100% Pure Drinking Water with Multistage Purification Process

Equipped with next-generation RO technology, KENT Pride Plus is undoubtedly the best RO system for home. It delivers 100% purified drinking water daily, keeping you safe from waterborne diseases. This next-gen water purifier is equipped with multistage purification process. It comprises of RO, UF and UV purification along with a TDS controller, which is used to treat the water effectively. This makes it fit for drinking purpose. The presence of TDS controller helps the purifier retain all the essential minerals, which are important for the human body.

Treats All Kinds of Impure Water

KENT Pride Plus is capable of treating and purifying untreated water like tap water, brackish water and corporation water. The water purifier comes installed with an in-tank UV-based disinfection technology that allows the untreated water to be purified extensively. This makes sure that the water present in the storage tank is always pure and safe for consuming. Most of the conventional water purifiers don’t come with this useful feature.

Free Service for up to 4 Years

You can enjoy extended free services for up to 4 years and get the water purifier fixed for free in case you face any issue. Enjoy hassle-free servicing up to 4 years.

High Storage Capacity with High Purification Power 

KENT Pride Plus is equipped with a high storage capacity of up to 8 litres. Also, the presence of water level indicator helps you to check the water level at any given point of time.  The water purifier has a supreme level of purification capacity of 15 litres in an hour, which ensures a continuous supply of pure drinking water.

Automatic Operation

This feature enables the purifier to automatically shut down when the storage tank of the purifier becomes full. When the water level drops to a certain level, the automatic feature enables the purifier to start the purification process again to ensure continuous supply of pure drinking water throughout the day.

If you have been thinking of buying a smart water purifier, which can dispense pure drinking water at every point in time, then KENT Pride Plus is the best RO system for home to safeguard your family’s health. The smart feature of the purifier additionally stops rejection of impure water in the absence of electricity and this feature helps you to save water and support the environment.

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