Laptop case-pocket for your device

Laptop case-pocket for your device
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This accessory is suitable for lovers of natural materials and home comfort. The neat case-pocket is made of wool, which makes it soft and pleasant to the touch. The inside of the Laptop case is made of PU-coated leather (high-class material, where two layers are leather, the top layer is polyurethane, which in terms of characteristics resembles leather and looks much better on the outside). Natural materials provide airing and means to avoid the accumulation of condensate.

The Laptop case is kept safe, the internal coating provides comfortable movement without unnecessary scratches. Because the Laptop case is sewn specifically for a specific model of the laptop, it will fit snugly to the device and thereby protect it as much as possible.

Laptop case is made neatly, without frills. This model is made by hand from the softest quality leather. A simple black leather accessory in the middle crosses a red stripe, everything is neatly stitched along the edges, and inside the product is covered with red material.

Closed Laptop case for a laptop with a zipper. Quality will please even the most sophisticated buyers. Dimensions that exactly match the model of the device will ensure good fixation and help keep it safe. In this case, your laptop is protected from everything, including dust and moisture. A high-quality leather provides airing and helps to avoid condensation.

Laptop case in stock

This is the perfect solution. This type of protective Laptop case will easily protect your laptop from external hazards. The case consists of two parts, which are easily put on the device and firmly fixed. Such covers are not necessary to remove, as access to all connectors provided by the design.

The model is made of durable polycarbonate, which is easy to clean. The upper part of the Laptop case is matte, which makes it pleasant but touch. Fingerprints on this surface do not remain, and it will maintain the appearance of your laptop in perfect condition. The big plus is that such a Laptop case does not give your laptop weight and volume. These accessories are perfect for lovers of minimalism. Nothing extra, simple and stylish.

For lovers of bright colors and beauty, there is a Laptop case in a pleasant coral color. Such a Laptop case will help your gadget to stand out from the gray mass of other devices. In addition, in the catalog you can easily find a specially made unusual accessory with a gradient – from blue to pink. He can not only diversify the appearance of the device, but also make it very unusual.

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