Motorcycle Accidents can cause Traumatic Brain Injuries too

Motorcycle Accidents can cause Traumatic Brain Injuries too
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Many people depend on motorcycles as a form of transport and recreational vehicle. Just like driving a car or any other vehicle, it is essential for everyone in charge of a motorcycle to make sure that they are riding safely. That means wearing proper gear when riding, avoiding unfavorable weather, and adhering to all road rules.

Unfortunately, some motorcycle accidents are inevitable. And when they happen, they result in more severe injuries than accidents associated with cars. This is because motorcycles don’t have a metal frame like vehicles. According to the attorneys at Cohen, Placitella, and Roth, these accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries, resulting in valid personal injury claims.

Silent epidemic

Generally, traumatic brain injuries are referred to as ‘silent epidemic’ as they are challenging to diagnose, treat, and prove. Most people who suffer brain injuries in accidents might seem normal – they might speak well and not display any signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Sometimes, medical practitioners misclassify brain injuries unknowingly. For instance, a doctor may classify your brain injuries as ‘mild,’ but that doesn’t mean that impairments and disabilities that attributed to your injuries are mild.

The truth is, the only protection a motorcyclist has is the helmet. A recent report indicated that helmeted riders are significantly less likely to experience traumatic brain injuries and facial injuries than non-helmeted motorcyclists.

According to most medical experts, the human brain is more susceptible to mild or severe damage from the impact generated by a motorcycle accident. Ignoring helmets or not wearing them properly means that you are unprotected. Thus, there is no barrier to the impact or force generated during a crash, leaving you vulnerable to brain injuries.

This is the primary reason motorcyclists are repeatedly warned about the importance of wearing a helmet to lower the possibility of suffering brain injuries in case of a motorcycle accident. In most states and countries, it is illegal to ride with a helmet.


Recovering from a traumatic brain injury might take longer than you think. This is because a brain is a very complicated organ and how fast you heal will depend on the nature of your injuries. The rehabilitation process might take a couple of months or even years. In worst cases, the victim of traumatic brain injuries might battle with the symptoms for the rest of his or her life.

Preventing motorcycle brain injuries

A larger number of motorcycle accidents can be prevented. You don’t have to ride very fast to suffer brain damage particularly if you are wearing a helmet. Therefore, always put on a helmet every time you ride.

Seek legal help

All motorcycle crashes that cause brain injuries can be devastating both physically and financially. If you or your loved one suffered a motorcycle traumatic brain injuries, consult with an experienced attorney. The lawyer will help you determine whether or not you have a valid claim. He or she will also help collect the right pieces of evidence and pursue a personal injury claim.

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