Right Way to Measure the Quantity of Detergent for Cloth Washing

Right Way to Measure the Quantity of Detergent for Cloth Washing
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The right dosage of detergent is very important to get rid of all the dirt from your clothes effectively. Excess amount of detergent can leave white residues on clothes post washing. Present day’s energy efficient washing machines use less amount of water. A lot of laundry process will soak all the water so there will be inadequate quantity of water to fully dissolve the detergent. This will lead to inefficient cleaning. Thus, it is very important to know the right amount of detergent for your washing needs.

Loading the machine

You need to immerse laundry in a solution of water and washing detergent. Modern LG washing machines are made to use less quantity of water. This requires owner to be careful about it and prevent any over filling. For the best outcome, there is required to have enough water for the washing detergent to properly dissolve and adequate space for clothes to move around.

If the gap between the laundry and the top of the drum is less than the width of the hand, then it implies that the machine is very much full. In this case, the laundry will soak up a lot of water such that there is not enough space left for the detergent to dissolve. CompareRaja is the best place to compare features and functionalities of different washing machines accurately.

Factors on which the dosage of the detergent depends

Poor dosing of detergent can lead to inferior quality stain removal and cleaning. To determine the right dose of detergent, you need to understand below facts:

  • The extent to which the clothes are dirty: If your clothes are very dirty, then you need to use more amount of detergent.
  • Load size: If the number of clothes is more, then it requires to use more detergent to get a proper cleaning.
  • Size of the drum: Drum size, also needs to be considered when selecting the right quantity of detergent. Most of the washing machines have got bigger size of drums i.e., five to seven kgs. This requires use of more amount of detergent.
  • Hardness of water: People who live in areas where there is more hardness of water have to use more detergent.
  • Check the instructions: Every washing machine comes with its own features and functionality. It is important to read all the instructions before arriving at the quantity of the detergent.

Why should you use liquid detergent?

For effective removal of stains, you should choose a liquid detergent. Such detergents are best suited for food, oil stains, and grease. They are good for spot treatment of stains too. You can use the cap to easily measure the detergent dosage.

What is the right amount of detergent dose?

  • For medium loads, the ideal amount of detergent dose is obtained by filling cap to bar level “1 or 2”.
  • For large loads, you need to fill the cap to 3, or 4 level of bar.
  • For High Efficiency (HE) machines that operate on full loads, it is important to fill the cap to bar level 5.


Determining the right dose of detergent is critical for proper cleaning of clothes. This information will help you find the right detergent dose to get the best washing experience.

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