Should you consider remote employees for your business?

Should you consider remote employees for your business?
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It feels like everywhere you look people are talking about the “gig economy” and the “digital nomad lifestyle”, and for good reason.

A lot of the old walls and barriers for building a business have fallen by the wayside, and a lot of the old rules for employees have crumbled right alongside them. We may live in the middle of the most competitive business environment that has ever existed (thanks in large part to the power and reach of the internet), but small and medium-sized businesses have an opportunity to compete with the biggest companies on the planet now thanks to remote employees, outsourcing, and the power of the “always on” economy.

If you’re trying to figure out whether or not your business could benefit from outsourced workers and remote employees (spoiler alert – the answer is almost always YES), we’ve got some inside info for you below!

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Nothing beats having your business work while you sleep

One of the biggest, and most obvious, benefits that remote employees bring to the table is the fact that you can hire remote employees from anywhere on the planet – all around the planet, really – to keep your business up and running on a 24/7 basis.

It’s really, really hard to run 24/7 basis out of your own time zone with local employees. Most of them aren’t going to want to work the overnight shift anyway, and even if they did the other pretty good that their productivity just wouldn’t be there. By hiring remote workers to work their “standard shift” in the wrong time zone, you’re able to have your business open all day long without any gaps in service without the same kinds of pitfalls.

This isn’t to say there won’t be challenges

At the same time, there are definitely going to be some challenges and some pitfalls that you are going to need to avoid as best you can when it comes to remote worker employment.

For starters, you are going to need to make sure that your hiring process is ironclad and waterproof. The odds are pretty good that you may never be able to meet these remote employees in person (though you’ll be able to video conference with them thanks to next-generation technology), and it’s going to take a little bit of creativity on your when it comes to the overall hiring process.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you are as crystal-clear as humanly possible with the things that you want your outsourced employees to handle. Management of remote employees can sometimes feel a little bit like herding cats if the objectives that they are supposed to tackle aren’t crystal-clear, especially if you haven’t yet on boarded them or provided them with the same kind of fundamental training you would have provided traditional employees.

At the end of the day though, the overwhelming majority of benefits that remote worker offer far outweigh the potential negative issues that could inevitably be bubbling up to the surface. Remote workers give you a tremendous amount of leverage and a significant competitive advantage, and you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to use that advantage as much as possible these days.

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