Things to be careful of before buying a used car

Things to be careful of before buying a used car
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Any purchase decision involves some amount of research – whether it is something as small as buying clothes for yourself or something big such as buying a car, we all think and plan before we buy. While buying clothes may be a smaller decision, a lot of us still visit several shops before buying something.

In the same way, buying a car is a big decision for most of us and therefore, we need to make a lot of checks before we can do that and bring a car home. The decision becomes all the more difficult if one is to buy a used car. Some tips to buy used car in Bangalore are given below to help you with it.

Year of Manufacture of car/ Car Model

Car Model makes a lot of difference in making the purchase decision. This is because car manufacturers regularly make changes and improvements in the car design and internal working. In case of old cars, people are aware of the problems that the car used to have and hence, the purchase is based on the issues that come with it. Further, the Indian government requires people to re-register cars that are over 15 years old because of their pollution certifications.

Number of owners of the car

Before buying a used car, another thing that should be checked is the number of owners. In case the car was previously driven by 2 or more owners, one would need to be extra careful since that would mean inconsistence maintenance since everyone maintains the car in their own way.  

Kilometres driven by the previous owner

In case a car has run for more kilometres per year than an average, one must be careful and check with the previous owner on its usage and maintenance frequency. While some people maintain their cars very preciously, some repair it only when there is an issue. These things are important especially when buying a used car since one cannot check the limitations and condition of the engine completely.


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