Tips for Staying Safe When You Travel for Work

Tips for Staying Safe When You Travel for Work
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Whether domestically or internationally, taking business trips isn’t just about making sure you get the work done and meet outlined objectives. It’s also about protecting your personal safety and remaining secure, particularly if you’re traveling somewhere unfamiliar.

The following are some tips to keep in mind if you have work travel coming up in 2018.

Planning Ahead

When you’re traveling for business, especially if you’re going abroad, you should do research into your destination before you ever board your flight.

You should learn about what’s around your hotel or accommodations regarding food and transportation, and make sure your office knows your schedule and how often you’ll be checking in with them.


When you’re traveling for work, your first inclination might be to rent a car, but this isn’t always the best option.

Driving in an unfamiliar place can be dangerous, particularly if you’re traveling internationally and don’t know the rules of the road very well.

Instead, rely on public transportation or a rideshare service like Uber. If you use Uber, there are standardized driver requirements regardless of location, and you have the protection of things like the app to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of on a route.

You also get the confirmation of knowing that when you use an app like Uber you’re getting a driver who’s in their system, and you can see their photo, so you’re able to confirm it’s them when they show up.

If you do rent a car, put your destinations into your GPS before you start driving, rather than waiting until you’re on the road.


Some cities can be perfectly safe in one area, and then a few blocks over they could be considered highly dangerous, so knowing where you’re staying is important.

A lot of business travelers are opting to find places to stay on sites like Airbnb, and there are advantages to this including the fact that you have the comforts of home, such as a kitchen and a coffee maker.

At the same time, be careful if this is what you decide on because you need to research the neighborhood and you’re also not going to have the security measures in place that you would in a hotel.

Technology Security

When you’re traveling for work, and especially if you’re going abroad, you may be the target of cybercriminals. They could try to hack into your computer or mobile device, or they might just steal the whole thing.

Be aware that this is a very real risk, so try to avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots if possible, and make sure you’re using measures like encryption. Also, don’t leave your devices unattended or without password protection. Even if you leave your devices in a hotel safe when you leave, they could still be stolen, so be aware of this.

Finally, just be aware of your surroundings. Don’t put on your headphones when you’re walking around a city or taking a break because that makes you more of a target. Know where you’re going and what’s around you at all times to stay safe when you travel for work.


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