Tips to Be a Successful DJ in 2017

Tips to Be a Successful DJ in 2017
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There seems to be a misconception that being a DJ somehow equates to partying, showing up for your gigs and making plenty of money, but as a lot of more experienced DJs know, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

It takes a lot, particularly in a competitive field, to be a successful DJ in 2017, but there are opportunities to be found if you’re willing to work at it.

The following are some tips that can help up and coming DJs get started.

Find Great Samples

There are some different routes you can take when it comes to finding samples, including looking to other DJs or making them yourself, but you might want to go to content providers like Cymatics. You can find great content and massive catalogs that are ready to go, and it’ll give you a strong foundation for everything else you’re doing.

When you’re using sample packs, it can help you out, and there are ways that you can do it and still sound completely original.

There’s a lot of debate that goes back and forth in the DJ world about samples and beat making, but if you’re just starting out or even if you’re not, take advantage of the technology that’s available to you.

Know Your Audience

When you’re just starting out as a DJ you’re probably going to play pretty much every gig you can land, and that’s what you should be doing, but this may mean you need to stray from what you know, at least a bit.

You should consider your audience and who you’re going to be playing for because obviously a low-key party is going to be different from a club night, or a high energy workout class.

You don’t want to get so stuck on your own thing that you’re not accounting for your audience and the setting.

Before each gig, you should also think about creating a diagram of how you want energy levels to build, peak and move through your mix.

As you progress in your career, you may streamline your work more. For example, you might realize you’re most interested in being a club DJ, but in the beginning, you might not have the freedom of making too many choices as to where you’ll work.

Keep Learning

Once you grasp the basics of your have a good thing going, you might feel like you don’t have anything left to learn but most of the best DJs have discovered it’s a continual learning process. If you can keep learning, you’re going to stay ahead of what everyone else is doing and that’s ultimately what’s going to help you become successful.

There are great training materials, videos and content out there if you start looking.

You may even be able to connect with a virtual mentor.

Finally, don’t be afraid of combining new and vintage tools and concepts. For example, while there are great digital advancements constantly being made that are relevant to DJs, there are also vintage trends like vinyl making a resurgence, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the new and the old.


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