Top 4 Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

Top 4 Hard Disk Data Recovery Software
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Nowadays there is a solution to every problem, but it gets more and more difficult when you try to recover data from a damaged hard disk. If the hard disk isn’t configured as a RAID, you do not have to use complicated methods. To make the process simpler, there are certain data recovery services and software that allow recovering data in any hard disks very easily.

  1. DiskInternals

DiskInternals software uses a full auto system to get data back from HDs. It’s not essential to use the auto data recovery in this HD data recovery program; you also can perform it manually.


  • The auto mode allows relaxation while the software deals with everything alone.
  • Allows you to switch between auto manual mode.
  • Automatically detects the disk array type.


  • The manual mode causes the program to do array-type based data recovery on user instructions instead of the actual configuration.
  1. ReclaiMe Free Raid Recovery

It’s not exclusively free software. It’s a platform to check what files are recoverable to verify whether you recover your data or not.


  • You can view the data on the damaged disks for free.
  • It is possible to recover multiple levels of RAID.
  • Supports data recovery on most NAS devices.


  • After identifying data you need, you have to either buy or free up space on your disk to recover the data.
  1. Zero Assumption Recovery

It allows recovering data from your devices and solves various problems, with Raid data recovery being one of available features. This program contains many other functions.


  • It can recover formatted volume, deleted data and raw data.
  • Special recovery features are available for digital images recovery.
  • MBR – Main Initialization Log.


  • Only works with Linux and Windows; still does not work on Mac.
  • The recovery process is quite time consuming without you being able to intervene for about 3 hours.
  1. R-Studio Data Recovery Software

It’s a collection of features originally developed by R-Tools. It includes some of most advanced features and methods in today’s world of data recovery.


  • Contains the recognition feature of interpreting the data pattern.
  • You can recover non-standard localized RAID levels.


  • It does not guarantee the recovery of all files.
  • Data substitution may occur if you try to copy the lost data to same disk.

It is recommended to hire the Raid data recovery service in several situations.

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