Top Tips For First Time RV Campers

Top Tips For First Time RV Campers
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If you are planning on going on your first RV camping trip, you’ll be glad to know that you’re bound to have a lot of fun.

But you should also know that RV camping is a little more complicated than just buying or renting an RV, packing up, and setting out to your designated campground.

If this is your first RV camping trip especially, you will definitely find the information you’re about to read highly useful.

Here are the top tips for first time RV Campers:

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The most important thing you can do before any RV trip is to prepare, especially if this is your first RV trip. Thoroughly research which type of RV you want to buy or rent, where you are going to go, what you need to bring with you, how to maintain an RV, and so on. A great resource for you to begin researching this information is Outdoorsy.

A Smaller RV Could Be Better

Here’s a good rule to follow for choosing an RV for camping: go with the smallest RV that you believe your family will be comfortable in.  RV’s are large and cumbersome vehicles, and if you have limited to no experience in driving one (especially in tighter conditions such a campground or RV park), then you’ll definitely be glad you went with a shorter one.

Go On A Practice Drive First

Speaking of driving an RV for the first time, definitely get some practice in before you embark on the main trip. Specifically get some practice in driving over and under bridges, on dirt roads, underpasses, areas with branches that are low hanging, and anything else that could in your way of travel.

Bring Tools and Spare Parts

You need to bring some basic RV tools with you that will allow you to conduct basic maintenance procedures should anything go wrong. Examples of what you will need include lug wrenches (T-handles work best), tire gauges and tire pumps, a basic tool kit, and heavy gauge jumper cables. You don’t need to become an expert in fixing RVs, but you should at least be able to keep your RV on the road until you reach a mechanic with these kinds of tools.

You May Not Need To Bring A Lot Of Water

Water is absolutely essential for any RV or camping trip, but it’s also heavy and takes up al to of space.  So long as your destination will have running water available, then traveling with full water tanks will not be fully necessary. To get rid of as much extra weight as possible, empty your black water and gray water tanks before you begin traveling.

RV Camping For The First Time

Overall, these will be the top RV tips that you need to know as a first time RV camper. There are many more great tips for beginners out there as well, so don’t stop your research here.


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