Various Classic Ideas That Can Be Incorporated into Escape Rooms

by Nettie Gordon | January 24, 2019 9:13 am

Getting involved in sports is one of the most significant ways of refreshing your mind whenever you are tired. This is the reason that many companies and organizations engage their employees in sports activities so that they can keep their morale high. Playing refreshes the brain, especially if the sport or the game is either entertaining or thrilling. One of the games which are very common among the working elite class is the escape rooms[1], where the players are engaged in a puzzle that thrills them and challenge their brains to function more proactively. This makes them feel fresh especially if they had a dull day at work. Engaging employees in various sports activities increase their productivity, and hence increasing the chances of achieving the goals and objectives of the organization as a team. Escape rooms and chess have been the puzzles that have been established and gained popularity among the elite thinkers for the manner in which they engage the brains. This makes them the most preferred indoor games by the white color workers.

With the development of technology, these sports have been invented by tech experts and programs have been formed so that they can be accessed online. All a player needs to do is to download the application on their smartphone or computer, and then they can play as if they have the opponent in the monitor. On the other hand, some companies have designed escape rooms games that are accessed by visiting their website[2], where you can play against the application’s robots. All this has been made possible by the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the technology sector, such that the players can manage to play against virtual players as programmed by the tech experts.

Different ideas can be used in the escape rooms. Most of them are quite common among the players, but this doesn’t imply that the owner of the joint cannot install them for the players. All they are required to do is to modify the ideas such that they thrill the players whenever they play at your play station. The only ways in which they can feel thrilled is if they feel challenged by the idea and hence they would require to put more mental strength to beat the challenge[3]. One of the ideas that are commonly used is the hiding of objects. In such scenarios, the player is required to find out the exact location of an object that has been hidden away from them.

For instance, a glass of water may be kept away from the player, and then they are required to indicate the location of the glass. The quicker they find the location, the more points or credits that they are likely to earn. Another trick that can be applied is that of hiding money in between the pages of a book, and then there is an agreement that if the player finds out the exact pages between which the money has been placed, they should get away with the money. This acts as a motivation to the game and hence makes it more interesting.

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