What to Do and Where to Eat While in Budapest?

What to Do and Where to Eat While in Budapest?
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Budapest’s glorious setting across Danube River is outstanding. Until 1873, Buda and Pest were both separate cities. However, both display their own distinctive identities like the former still practice ancient history whereas the latter is earthy, noisy and more multicultural. In Buda there are royal palaces, wooded hills, spas from ottoman era, whereas in Pest you get to explore fine museums, a renascent Jewish quarter, and bizarre art nouveau buildings.

Enjoy spa city any time of the year but summer evenings are charming. It is time for pavement cafes and open-air bars to do roaring trade and the restaurants to go alfresco. Gastronomic renaissance of Budapest has seen the most exciting developments. You can join food tours Budapest and discover Hungarian cuisine history and rich specialties. Food tours take foodies around the bustling local markets, where you can get a glimpse of sizzling street food stands. Get a taste of classic spicy food as well as sip homemade brandy in an authentic surrounding.

What to do?

Visit thermal baths

A dip in the majestic thermal baths will take you towards the Roman times.

  • Gellért Baths
  • Széchenyi Baths
  • Király Baths

If you prefer laser disco then visit the noisy night-time bath parties at any of these baths.

Buda hills

You can take to the hills biking or via railway circuit. If you are lucky then take a ride on the heritage trains, which run sometimes.

Memento Park

It is also called ‘Statue Park’. There are oversized memorials and statutes collection, which once stood at prominent public places around the city.

Southeast Asian Gold Museum

There are several museums in Budapest but this private collection is spectacular.

Where to eat?

  • Great Market Hall is best place for foodie treats.
  • Borkonyha is the best 4-star restaurant
  • Borbiróság is a low-key Wine Court, where you can taste affordable Hungarian cuisine.
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